Yusuf, the husband, became a demon because he did not take a dowry in marriage and made his wife worse

The victim somehow managed to reach the local government school from the terrace - India TV Hindi
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The victim somehow managed to save her life and reached the local government school from the terrace.

Ghaziabad: In Ghaziabad with a woman crossed all limits of inhumanity. He was severely beaten at his in-laws’ house. There are traces of blood all over the body from the teeth. The eyes are completely swollen shut. All over the body was scratched with claws and blade-like objects. The victim alleged that her husband pressured her to have a relationship with her brother. The victim somehow escaped from her in-laws house through the roof and reached the roof of the government school. Then a crowd gathered. In the presence of the police, the victim was brought down from the terrace. The video is said to be two days old.

Married 3 months ago

Basically a family living in Delhi doing wage labour. 18-year-old Igra, a member of this family, and Yusuf (23), a resident of Khaila Patta in Ghaziabad Nagar’s Kotwali area, got married three months ago. The two did not marry according to Islam, but got their marriage registered at the registrar’s office in Ghaziabad and later started living together. Igra has alleged that she was harassed for dowry after marriage. The husband forced her to live with his brother i.e. the elder brother of the girl. For not agreeing to this, Igra was beaten and kicked. Two days ago, Iqra somehow escaped from her in-laws house through the roof. He jumped from the floors of several houses and finally reached the roof of a government school in Kaila Patta area.

Police registered a case on the woman’s complaint

On seeing the injured girl on the roof of the school, a crowd gathered. The police were called. Rarely was the woman put down. After that Igra narrated her painful story to everyone. Police have registered a case of assault and dowry against Iqra’s Tahrir, husband Yousuf, brother-in-law Yameen, brother-in-law Sajid and mother-in-law Rani. At the same time, the police said that the husband and mother-in-law have been arrested and put in jail. The woman has been treated. Based on the report, sections will be increased in the case.

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